2022 DELF B2 Writing Test Tips!

The DELF B2 French exam includes a writing test which is with the speaking part the most difficult among my students. Don’t worry, with a proper and regular training, you will be able to quickly achieve your goal and succeed this part too!

First a short reminder about what is the DELF B2 writing part about:

You may be asked to write different types of text in this part (always argumentative and formal):

  • formal letter (most frequent),
  • debate on a blog/forum,
  • a review for a newspaper,
  • an essay : express whether you agree or disagree with a point of view.  The planning process is exactly the same as for the oral part.

Advice to succeed in DELF B2 writing part:

You need to keep it simple!

Use simple sentences

If in doubt, don’t structures that you are not sure about. Avoid them. Keep it simple! Some teachers advise that you should use everything you know but it’s not a good idea to use things you have not mastered.

It’s better to be simple and efficient:

  • The basic sentence structure must be simple (subject+verb+object)
  • You can add extra elements (adjectives, adverbs, propositions…) but first be sure that the basic sentences are clear and simple.
  • One sentence = one idea
  • To be clear and to avoid mistakes, one sentence must have only one idea.
  • Use commas if your sentences are too long.

Simple grammar

Avoid these structures because they are often hard to use:

  • voix passive
  • participe présent ou le gérondif
  • doubles pronoms complément
  • pronoms relatifs complexes « dont » « lequel »
  • pronoms “en” and “y”
  • concordance des temps

> Try to avoid complex structures. Make it simpler or change the whole sentence.

> Avoid idioms if you are not 100% sure of the meaning.

Make sure you leave time for proofreading. You can learn about proofreading techniques in the part 3. How to practice – Resources and training techniques for B2).

Remember to stick to the main topic and answer the question you have been asked.

click here to

Resources and techniques to improve your writing skills in French for the DELF B2 writing test

Proofreading techniques:

Proofreading is important, make sure you allow enough time for that. Start from the end (the last sentence, then the previous one, and so on…). Because you will have read your text several times, you may not be able to see your own mistakes. Starting from the end will overcome this.

Focus on one point at a time. It can be conjugation, agreement, or meaning. Not all at the same time.

Double check the spelling of the words that you are not used to. Especially when you copy a word from the original text.

Move your lips while reading or whisper your text. Sometimes your ear can correct some mistakes that your eyes didn’t notice.

Use these online tools to proofread your texts:

You can also have a look at this post I wrote about how to improve your writing skills in French

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For more practice and proofreading and live corrections, book a lesson with me!


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2 thoughts on “2022 DELF B2 Writing Test Tips!”

  1. Thomas Seidelmann

    Hi there,
    I have q question regarding this aspect of the exam. Normally when arguing in french, you provide both sides before coming up with your own. Are you required to do the same here or do you just focus on one side? Thanks

    1. Hello Thomas,
      As far as I know there is no such requirement.
      The instructions is :
      Consigne au candidat :
      Vous dégagerez le problème soulevé par le document que vous avez choisi. Vous présenterez votre
      opinion sur le sujet de manière claire et argumentée et, si nécessaire, vous la défendrez au cours
      du débat avec l’examinateur.

      Arguing in French usually implies both sides indeed, but it is not compulsory at all here. You can organize two parts with different aspects of the problem but not necessarily both opposite opinions.

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