2022 DELF B2 Speaking Test Tips!

DELF B2 Speaking part is the hardest part according to all the french learners. First, there are four parts in this test so the final mark is an average and if the speaking skill is not your best skill you will still have three other tests to make the difference. Secondly, I will give you some tips to have better chance to pass it with success!

For a complete detailed step by step guide, see the DELF B2 manual I wrote for this purpose:

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What you are asked to do

You’ll have 30 minutes to prepare a 10-minute oral presentation based on a short document. Then you’ll discuss your presentation with two examiners for 10 minutes. You will be given 2 subjects to choose from. Choose the right one: it’s all about technique and getting marks, not enjoyment (!) so don’t choose a subject just because it’s interesting! You will need to be able to present your arguments and find examples.

The oral exam generally looks like this:

Introduction : present the document, summarize the content, find the issue and introduce the structure of your plan. (about 3 min)

Development : present and defend your ideas according your plan (each idea is a part, you can have 2 or 3 parts) (about 8 min)

Conclusion : summarize your presentation, qualify your conclusions or suggest other ideas. (about 2 min)

Debate : The examiner asks you questions and you are required to defend your point of view. (7 minutes)

You will get better marks in the oral section if you organize your thoughts and if all your arguments are relevant. Accuracy in grammar is not the most important thing here although you must do the best you can.

You need to know how to:

  • present a document
  • find an issue to speak about
  • defend your idea while highlighting relevant elements
  • structure and organize ideas
  • react to someone else’s point of view and defend your own.

How to do it

While you are preparing you need to take notes, write down or highlight the keywords (5 to 10 are enough). They will help you to find the main theme, but don’t write complete sentences on your draft. Only note the key points. During the exam you are not allowed to read out a written answer, just to refer to a plan and notes. You can write down a few keywords and the expressions for the conclusion. During this time, you should also think about the questions the examiner might ask you in the second part.


  • find the issue (using the keywords)
  • find arguments using the main theme and the document’s keywords.
  • sort your arguments into a logical order and add examples
  • Make a plan (and add keywords)

Advice to practice your oral skills in French for DELF B2

  • Pronunciation, rhythm, intonation: record yourself when practicing. I know it’s hard to listen to your own voice but you will get used to it and it will help you a lot! It will also help you to measure the timing of your presentation.
  • fluency: shadowing on radio news (RFI…)
  • You should force yourself to use 10 different linking words each time you practice. Get used to them.
  • Watch Youtube videos, type « production orale B2 » « oral B2 » on Youtube. You will find several examples.

For a complete detailed step by step guide, see the DELF B2 manual I wrote for this purpose:

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