Which French Exam Should You Take?

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I told you in the last article that taking a French exam can be a good solution to improve your skills, to boost your learning process and give you more confidence while speaking French. Eventually, you decide that taking a French exam is a good idea (like I do), but you wonder how to choose? Which French exam should I take? Which one is the most relevant according to my level and my goal? I’m here to give you a few hints.

What Kind of French Exam Exists?

  • DELF DALF: The most famous French exam and I think the most useful to improve your French. You need to study in order to achieve a certain level you want to take. e.g. A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2. The exam is very well structured and that’s why you need to work on specific activities to prepare for it. I think most students need to work on the oral part, which is why I created a course about it (How To Succeed DELFB2 – Speaking Test). Plus, the levels are set according to the CECR (Cadre Européen Commun de Référence pour les langues), that exist for all European language and almost all great languages in the world. In my opinion, B2 level is the one you should have as a goal, since not only you will be independent at this level, but also it’s necessary to enter French University, get a visa, a scholarship or work in France.
  • TCF: The exam you can’t fail. This is a test to acknowledge that you already have a certain level in French. So it’s a picture of your actual skills. It’s useful if a company or government ask you to prove your abilities in French. You don’t need to understand how it works really, you just answer the questions you will be assessed according to your skills. I like this exam because you can’t fail. You just see how much you know about French language. I think it can be motivating for people who lack self-confidence. Yes, French can be hard, but it doesn’t mean you can’t beat it! Most of the time those students underestimate themselves and they do better than they think at this test. Eventually, the results show you your strengths and weaknesses, which is useful to focus on what you really need.
  • TEF: Valid 1 year. This test is similar to the TCF and is useful for people wanting to emigrate to Canada, study in France or get the French Nationality. It’s valid one year and you can now take it online here

DELF B2 – The most useful French exam. If you need to take a French exam, pick this one.

TCF – A good exam to have a good picture of your level. A TCF level can be asked by organizations to assess your level .

If you chose to take the DELF B2 check out my new method How To Succeed-DELF B2 Speaking Test here. It’s tailored for the speaking part but also covers the other skills.

Any question? 🙂 Contact me if you need more information or if you need to be prepared for one of these exams!

Bonne chance!



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  4. Hi

    I am interested in what is Échelle québécoise des niveaux de compétence en français des personnes immigrantes adultes – level 7 equivalent to?

    What test would I need to take for that?

    Thank you

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