What Is the DELF B2?

What is the DELF B2?

When learning a language we want to have a goal. The most common goal of my students is, of course, being fluent in French, but some of them just want to know how to interact with waiters, say hello to restaurant owners, do shopping or buy a ticket to move from a French city to another. Some advanced students want to have a high conversational level in French so they can exchange about deeper matters, philosophy or French politics. The last category of students wants to enter the university or be confident while working for a French company.

Improving is easy at the beginning but it seems to be harder and harder with the time. The more you know in French, the more it’s hard to see how much you improve. That’s why even though you don’t have any need to take the DELF B2, I strongly suggest any student about this level to take it.

The French exam DELF B2 refers to independence as a speaker. It’s the level where you will be able to understand the majority of any conversation, and you can live by yourself in any situation.

I often encourage my student to take an exam to get motivated and also to improve all the different skills. Speaking, writing reading and listening skills are all important. Even if you don’t plan to write any letter, knowing how to do it will help you to understand better the French language. Knowing how to pronounce a French word, a French sentence, will help you to improve your listening skills. Because all these skills are connected.

DELF B2 French exam assesses these 4 skills. First, the listening test is where you will listen to audio and answer a few questions related to the audio. It will allow checking your comprehension. Second, the reading test will test you on how well you understand a text. You should be able to understand a French newspaper article. Questions will be asked about the text. Third, the writing test. You should write a text or a letter and convince someone about something. Fourth, the oral test. The hardest or the one students have less confidence with. (That’s what my method is about).

To have a good overview of what the DELF B2 is and what you should do, I create a method to understand the core of this exam and what you need to focus on in order to save time and energy. My best advice are in this method and I really think it will help you to get better grades and take the DELF B2 with confidence. It’s called How To Succeed-DELF B2 Speaking Test

It also includes handy links to resources. These are two methods that also I suggest and that I use with my students:

DELF B2 – The most useful French exam. If you need to take a French exam, pick this one.

TCF – A good exam to have a good picture of your level. A TCF level can be asked by organizations to assess your level .



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