What is TEF Canada for immigration?

If you want to study or work in Canada you will need the TEF Canada. TEF Canada stands for Test d’Évaluation de Français and allows to assess your French language skills to enter a university, or work in a Canadian company. As you might know, Canada is part of the Francophony and has French as an official language besides English.

If your goal is to immigrate to Canada (or Québec wih the TEFAQ) you will need to take the TEF Canada exam so that they can provide you a visa after you succeed the test. With this test you can immigrate and work anywhere in Canada. It is compulsory to take it if you want the Canadian citizenship.

This test is not based on the CECR levels like the DELF exam, but on the NCLC which has 12 level. You might better get a score higher than the level 7 to have a chance to get a job in Canada for example. Like the DELF you will have to prove your different skills in French language ( Writing – Check this complete article about how to work on writing skills in French – , reading, listening and speaking)

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The best TEF online preparation course to get at least NCLC7 at expression écrite and orale!

  • Compréhension écrite : 60 minutes – 50 questions – 300 points.
  • Compréhension orale  : 40 minutes – 60 questions – 360 points.
  • Expression écrite : 60 minutes – 2 sujets à traiter – 450 points.
  • Expression orale  : 15 minutes – 2 sujets à traiter – 450 points.

The TEF Canada is recognized by the Federal government of Canada as a proof proficiency in French in immigration procedures. The result certificate of the TEF Canada is Valid 2 years. There is also a specific test that I mentioned for those wanting to go to Québec, it is called the TEFAQ.

Where to take the TEF Canada Test? The Test de connaissance du français pour le Canada (TCF Canada) is available at official test centres in Canada and in more than 150 countries.

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