TEF CANADA EXPRESS GUIDE: 45 min to double your score

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45 minutes. That is all you need to know exactly what to expect for the TEF Canada test for immigration or citizenship purpose. Whether you plan to study or work in Canada, this TEF Canada Express Guide will improve your overall score. This guide will explain in 45 minutes what you have to do for each test (compréhension orale, compréhension écrite, expression orale, expression écrite). It includes a must-have list of 500 essential words of French vocabulary for the TEF that you need to know and handful advice for the writing and speaking tests:

  • Evaluating system & admission score
  • How to do it: Reading test – Listening test – Writing test – Speaking test
  • Example sentences for speaking test section A
  • Example sentences for speaking test section B
  • Common mistakes & tips
  • How to work on French writing skills?
  • 500 words of essential vocabulary for TEF

TEF Canada Express Guide is the first book you should get to start your preparation for this test!

To your success!

PDF file: 73 pages

Paperback available on Amazon



20+ standard questions for

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